Heartwood Mushrooms provides access to fresh, delicious, and nutrient-dense mushrooms for everyone! We have 8 different kinds of mushrooms that we specialize in cultivating, and several options for our educational grow-at-home kits. The Heartwood Mushroom Species are; Blue Oyster, Phoenix Oyster, Black Pearl King Oyster, Pink Oyster, Lions Mane, Chestnut, Wine Cap, and Shiitake. Mushrooms don’t have to be scary or unknown; we can help you learn and are here to spread fungal know-how with everyone! Be it cooking, medicinal, or cultivation. Many people find mushrooms intimidating, but we want to take a bit of the mystery and intimidation out of understanding mushrooms.  A great way to learn is to get hands on, which is why we designed our grow kits to be fun and easy to use, with seriously good mushrooms! Whether purchasing directly from us, or getting hands on and using one of our grow kits, Heartwood Mushrooms have a  higher nutrient value, stronger flavours, and a richer texture. Click Read More to see our comparison chart.



Heartwood Mushrooms



Oyster -> Cardiovascular support

Lion’s Mane -> Neurological support

Minerals and vitamins. 

Low calorie, trace minerals, some fibre, protein



  • Oyster -> Firm, can crisp like bacon. Gentle, earthy flavour
  • Lion’s Mane -> Flakes like crab meat, soft seafood taste.
  • Shiitake -> Umami
  • Wine Cap -> Asparagus-like stalk, braised potato-like cap.
  • Chestnut -> Stays crunchy when cooked

Taste: Takes on flavour of food around it, imparts little flavour into dishes.

Texture: Spongy