Shiitake Sawdust Spawn

Shiitake Sawdust Spawn

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Shiitake sawdust spawn is ideal for commercial cultivation on logs. 

Our variety is a Wide Range Strain developed specifically for the High Speed Method but it is also a wonderful strain for basic outdoor cultivation.  A favourite amongst commercial growers for the reliable, quick to myceliate and quick to return initial investment. Once inoculated, logs will start to produce in 1-2 years time. Soak your logs after their first natural first flush to start a force fruiting cycle which can be done on a 8-10 week cycle. Crops are an absolute joy to harvest!

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There are many mushroom varieties that grow on logs. Cultivating mushrooms on natural logs is a wonderful long-term method for mushroom production. A prime Shiitake log can fruit for 8 years or longer!