Mushroom Grow Kit - Blue Oyster
Mushroom Grow Kit - Blue Oyster

Mushroom Grow Kit - Blue Oyster

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These Mushroom Grow Kits make growing delicious mushrooms easy. Simply open, cut the plastic and spray. For all your questions, care Instructions are included.

These Grow It Yourself blocks ship at 6 pounds and yield 1.5 to 2 pounds of high-quality gourmet Blue Oyster mushrooms over 1-2 harvests.

Blue Oysters have meaty stems and beautiful Blue caps which make this mushroom a prime edible mushroom. It is known as easy to grow and delicious to eat. An excellent choice for adding gourmet mushrooms to your edible landscape.

They are wonderful on their own fried in butter, glazed and barbecued, made into creamy soups, in pasta, on pizza and so much more. Their mild and distinct flavour lends itself to so many different styles of dishes.

With a Heartwood Mushroom Grow Kit, the World is Your Oyster!

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