Hey! It's been a while!

Hey! It's been a while!


Over the past few months, I've gone down a deep and fascinating rabbit hole.


No, this is not a "We're pivoting and getting into the rabbit industry" type of email.


Rather, I want to show you what's happening behind the scenes.


I've spent much of my life wanting to practice privately and then show something shiny to the world.


That mode of operating doesn't work for me anymore. There is so much shinniness in the 99% of my work that I've judged "not presentable."


Someone asked me this winter, "How do you hide your brilliance?"


I thought about it and found my answer: I choose to be small until I feel 100% confident what I've done will be like.


This means I've spent a lot of time hiding.


Just like the rain brings mycelial change, the spring showers of my life are inducing a new phase of growth.


The truth is, when I'm playing mad scientist and trying to figure things out, I'm really fucking happy. 

And I've realized that I'm not nourishing that part of myself by not sharing the process.


This email is an invitation into the underground, muddy, messy life as a mushroom cultivator, mycologist, educator and entrepreneur.


"So, what's this rabbit hole then?"


I've been learning how to make mycelium composites.


"Uhh.. what?"


Don't worry, I've got you.


In short, mycelium composites are solid objects made from fibrous plant material bound together using mushroom mycelium. They are lightweight, moldable, inert, and compostable.


It's a lot of fun to work with and has massive creative potential. Some companies are making leather replacements, building insulation and styrofoam-free packaging.


I've written a blog post about the messy process and deliciously nerdy details.


Not only that, I'm also leading my first workshop on Sunday on how to make and work with mycelium composites.


It's at an event called Fulcum Skill Share near Bancroft, Ontario. For you curious adventurers, here is a link to the event.


I'm excited about it and will share an update sometime next week.


I'm still not a huge social media user, so I want this channel to be where we can continue the conversation and journey about working with fungi.


Talk soon,


PS - This is how I still sometimes feel when I forage for mushrooms. (crass warning)

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